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Venn Rausumea

Fights with Bloodfury

Tasha's history is quite simple. Captured and taken in originally as a slave to Talic, she began to be seen as more than just a slave. While she is not an orc, she does now fight with them after a long while of having to simply observe the fun. Before captured, she traveled a lot. Always changing her company along the way, she met many strange people. Very curious, energetic, and friendly, she eventually got nicknamed as Tasha the kender. Quite indignantly, she initially opposed this. After a while though, she gave in and quit picking fights with anyone calling her a kender. At first thought of fighting with the orcs, she was leery. The feeling was more then understandable when she was told she would be used as a boulder and hurled at the opposite team. It was always laughed about (except by Tasha) that she would be thrown, get back up, walk to the orcs, and be thrown again. However, one night of happening to overhear much of a conversation between Talic and Vorn, she was relieved to hear she wouldn’t be thrown. Tasha was then discovered (due to her excited squeal) and hung up on the coat rack. Rather grumpy at being left there all night she demanded to be let down. A while later, she was. She then received a long lecture on eavesdropping, was informed she would be fighting and would later get armor to wear if she behaved well. This made her recall the conversation of spiked armor and was promised this would not be the case. Due to many hits to the head, she does not remember much of where she came from or even her lost name, as it so happens. She does remember there were lots of hills and mountains that she slipped down on occasion.

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