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Tarragon or Dragon, 1.(Artemisia dracunculus), is a perennial herb, a member of the daisy family (Asteraceae) and a close relative of Wormwood. 2. A style of fighting used by most members of the Reapers.


However, the form of Tarragon mentioned within the Reapers is an old Society for Creative Anachronism or SCA fighting style using the dragon definition. Tarragon is a very in depth style of fighting. Within Belegarth it is a four teir fighting style. Physics and Newton's Laws play a big part in the way the style works. In Belegarth, Tarragon is only practiced by the Reapers or at least as far as any one knows.


The style of Tarragon was started in the SCA by his Royal Highnesses Brion Anthony Uriel Tarragon. Prince Tarragon served as Squire under Sir Robert de Spencer and Sir Anton Hojen, both of Loch Salann. Once Knighted Brion Tarragon took squires who later became knights a couple being Sir Sean Kirkpatrick Tarragon, his first squire, and Sir Thorfin Kodoson du Tarragon. Sir Torfin took Sir Basil der Drache to be his squire. This style is as old as the Kingdom of Artemisia itself.

Tarragon in the Reapers

As for Belegarth the style came about by a member of the Reapers named Jeuls when he decided he wanted to try a new sport. Jeuls took another fighter in the unit named Kage under his wing, and said that he would teach Kage every thing that he knew about sword fighting. With work by both men the style has become the trade mark fighting style of the Reapers. There are some people who say that a fighting style is a fighting style, but there are many things done in Tarragon that are not done in most other SCA and Belegarth fighing styles. However those things are kept secret by the Knights of the SCA and members of the Reapers.

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