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Spike -


One Piece is not endorsed by pirates, but is simply offensive ninja propaganda used to paint an unrealistic portrait of the pirate lifestyle and causes pirate children to have a self-hating view by brainwashing them into thinking a pirate is what it is not.

Ryoma -

  • As "booty" is a pirate exclusive term, and it is widely known that attractive women must posess on some level a nice booty, Pirates control all attractive women. Therefore, Ninjas must only have access to skanky, disease-ridden, or otherwise undesirable women.

Pirates are quite inexplicably obsessed with this "booty". Of course, ninjas realize that this is not the only attractive part of the woman, and thus claim "titty" and "snatch" as their territory, as these areas are easily preferable to booty. Ninja chicks have snatch like velvet and bountiful titties 99.999999% of the time. Also, disease isn't an object since ninjas are immune to all diseases, unlike pirates who are prone to scurvy.

  • Hate to break it to you, Ninjas, but the Green Ranger was inferior to the White Ranger. Same person? Yes. Same principle? Heck no.

The White Ranger is also a ninja and is equally applicable. Also, the Green Ranger is vastly superior to the White Ranger for the following reasons:

  • The Green Ranger had a dagger that was also a flute. The White Ranger had a talking sword that had a faggy British accent.
  • The White Ranger drove a giant sabertooth tiger thing. The Green Ranger had the Dragonzord, which was totally badass.
  • The Green Ranger was, at one point, evil, which is awesome.

So there you have it. Green Ranger is superior and stays.

yeah pirates have one piece which is the gayest anime ever, while we have ninja scroll

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