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Fighter Information


Name: Master Sven the Apothecary
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Realm: Shannara
Unit: The Juggernauts, Black Rose Order
Primary Fighting Style: Merchant
Fighting Since: 2011

Other Information

  • Became a Master in the Artificer Guild in 2019
  • Owner of The Honest Merchant

Events Attended

  • War of Forbidding
  • Battle for Teutoberg Wald
  • Thaw Brawl
  • The Hallowes
  • Stygia Kill-n-Grill
  • Highlands of Chaos Opener
  • Cheesecake Wars
  • Chaos Wars
  • Battle for the Ring


Sven was began in the Ancestral Youngforest lands where he met Captain Horatio Blackwolf of the Rumrunner and first mate Ivan Dalemirich. After sailing for a time, the crew captured the SS Trotter and Sven became captian, making Blackwolf Admiral. During the reign of King Raven Mcleod he issued Admiral Blackwolf, Captain Ivan and Captain Sven letters of marque to officially become privateers of the crown. This business venture was so lucrative that Admiral Blackwolf and Captain Sven were able to retire from the seafaring life. Admiral Blackwolf settled in the land of Urfff and Captain Sven retired to the lands of the Highland of Chaos and keeps busy as the proprietor of “The Honest Merchants” which store contains no plunder, only honest goods acquired honestly, honest.

Immediately upon moving to the land of Ebonhold, Sven was conscripted into the Mountain Mercenaries, which after a career of working for the highest bidder, felt right. On a quest for the Mountain Mercenaries, Sven set out to challenge Sir Brutus of Numenor to fight to the death in single combat. Since Sven is the one writing this, it totally didn’t take most of the day and three different fighting styles to defeat this great warrior even once, oh no, it was a brilliant victory. Seriously I did end up beating him exactly once with a six foot glaive and side sword.

Flushed with this fabulous win, Sven set out to challenge the great brute Tethian as Alpha Bear of the Mountain Mercs. The challenge was a best of 3 in each of the following events: Mongolian wrestling, shield bash, and fully armored sword’n’board. Sven was altogether too confident as Tethian holds the title of Alpha Bear to this day.

Captain Sven is a founding member of the Black Rose Order with his good friend Echo. One Chaos wars Sven took the field as a member of the BRO to fight alongside The Juggernauts. Sven took the wrong end of a javelin in the eye and was irl hurt and retired (or began his hiatus as the case may be) from fighting. When Sven returned to that very Chaos wars Sven was kidnapped by the lovely Lady Alyna, Gaston, Skald, and Biggs, was sang Happy Birthday to and presented with an honorary Juggernaut Belt flag.

Skald was one of his very long time friends and as a large man with a beard, fits the demographic of the Juggernauts perfectly. Sven decided to fully enroll in the Juggernaut unit as of Chaos 2019 by providing literally more alcohol than the entire camp could drink, which is really saying something. Four Gallons of mead, five gallons of apple pie drank, five gallons of porter (which really smells good according to Rumbeard), and two gallons of Grog.

Sven apprenticed to the Artificer Guild under Warmaster Bacchus as a brewer and musician and was sashed a Master in the Artificer Guild at Battle for the Ring 2020.

As Gaston tells it: The Juggernauts had just stepped onto the scene, seemingly out of nowhere. Nobody would give them the time of day, save Sven the "Honest" Merchant. And lo, upon the anniversary of his being unleashed upon this world at Chaos Wars, Gaston the Vein did sing Sven happy birthday, and the Juggernauts embraced him as one of their own. Ramen.

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