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Fighter name: Sol

Title Un Haka; the foundation, the ideal embodiment or Soul of the hyrrokin.

Realm: korriban, Korriban Thursday, Andúril

Fighting style : glaive, sword and board,flail,max blue

House: Lungless

Race: Hyrrokkin; formed from remains of a svarog scorpion

lore: The land known as the Desert of Desolation is cursed by the gods of fire and wrath. Once a fertile rain Forrest the land grew ill from overpopulation of pinkies. The pinkies had worshipped Alasia for many centuries but as they made advances and grew there greed gave way to spite toward the gods. The very sun was to be their curse as it burned all things lush and fruitful from the very earth. Upon this curse new creatures born from this energy where forged from the surviving hearty species who could adapt to the new environment. One such creature was the fire spewing Svarog scorpion. It is said this small creature adapted to live centuries as burrowing armor shelled beasts that could cultivate expansive caverns in their life time to create a home for the prey they so enjoyed eating. In the land of smoldering sands, this scorpion lives in Crystal catacombs that spiderweb under the nearly molten dunes. This breed of scorpion has venom that is flammable when in contact with air and highly corrosive when injected into living tissue. They grow quite large when creating hunting cave systems hidden below the hellish landscape of Svarog. In these large crystal caverns of death, all sorts of creatures gather to drink from a deep aquifer Oasis that is connected to every cavern system in one way or another. It is here where a niche biome flourishes in ambient heat and fresh water. Sol who is A medium Boulder-sized svarog scorpion named by the pinky clan that shares the habitat with the ferocious beast. A long-standing feud for supremacy of the aquifer has been in a heated deadlock between Sol and the pinky clan. On a particularly hellish heat wave tensions bloomed to the breaking point and the pinkies ambushed Sol at the watering hole. Sol reacted instinctively with torrents of wrath and savagery. A Titanic battle that lasted a hundred breaths roared throughout the cavern. Sol laid waste to throngs of pinkies setting ablaze anything and everything within a 15 boulders. The cavern was soon scorched bare of all life. The Pinkies surrounded the deadly beast and with great sacrifice delivered a fatal blow to the creature igniting it with a strike to its venom gland. Sol set fire to every inch of life in his death throws partially in spiteful jetties of flame from the tail but massively from the fierce explosion as the entirety of the venom gland oxydized into glorious devastation. As he burned to cinders so did the entire biome in the cavern. A hearty cavern tree which was a mother seed had been scorched to ash and coal by Sol's wrath. As it went up in flames, it let out a slow foreboding hiss and wail. A whispered curse echoed into the dying mind of Sol. I speak for the biomes who now have no life. "I am An Bas (The Reaper) accursed guardian to mother seeds and death incarnate to all who oppose them, your flesh is gone, but your soul will live for that which you have laid to waste. The innocence you have killed here has stained your soul and shall be what chains you to this world. You will be reborn from the ashes of your victim and your charred remains to be a guardian to those who still yet live." The agony of life left Sol's flesh than and the day grew to dusk.A stirring of motion within the smoldering carnage began. The ash and scorched remains of the svarog scorpion whipped into a small whirlwind of silent, ominous presence. A small singed figure formed within the churning debris and took a humanoid shape; a creature of wrath and vengeance, darkness and hate, an accursed warrior of Agrona, a Hyrrokkin. A silence so loud and profound it deafened the mind if anyone were to hear it. As the moment passed a thunderclap of raw command rang within the Ashened form, and a devil's whisper sprang forth from nowhere and everywhere at once " go forth and be the harbinger of destruction. Lay waste to all who are not your master." With a wrenching dry maniacal laugh, the smoldering creature of death incarnate departed it's once grave site and aimless killed any that crossed it's path as it roamed the earth.

Upon the new life given to Sol, a rigorous calling unyielding plyed itself to the very spirit of this ashen beast. The call to be the very example of hyrrokin. Legends where enshrined as the darkened soldier of Agrona payed heed to her calling. In every direction She whispered him to go and conquer and bring back into the balance of nature did he march determined to never fail as had in his pass life. The tributes and tribulations of every battle, every breathe taken in the name of the goddess soon drew her direct attention as before she only spoke to him through her general An Bas (the reaper) the first. Upon her lips drew the words "Un Haka" (the foundation) and through the soft spoken words of the goddess did the very sound harmonize at my core and i knew that was who i am to my goddess. By living my every breathe to for the goddess i had been given a name to commune with her by. She may invoke me now as she does An Bas and quickened by the god given name i could see not only my general but another Soul of hyrrokin who may be invoked Estra (mother). This wolfen husk of fury became the guiding pole for my every action to improve myself as Un Haka. She became the one to follow and nurture my carnage desires to please our goddess. Blessed be the goddess for naming me. Blessed be the goddess for giving me kin, Blessed be the goddess for giving me clan Blessed be the goddess for giving me guidance, Blessed be the goddess for giving me enemies to slay, Blessed be the goddess for giving me new life, blessed be the goddess for war.

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