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The Skera Nipt are a tribe of Goblyns from the North, who venerate Sifu alone. Their numbers are heavily female, drawing from the disenchanted, angry, or just plain bored Goblyn females. They count very few males among their number, and those that remain are kept merely for physical or breeding purposes. The Skera Nipt are generally secretive, and it is not known how many exist, or even exactly where they live. Some of their rituals have come to light in recent times, thanks to the tales of a witchdoktor or two. However, finding them is always a mystery. It is said that any female Goblyn that wishes to join the tribe and emulate Sifu, should go North, and if Sifu judges them worthy, they will be led to the Skera Nipt.



The tribe was founded by a warrior called Nyeka, in the early days of the Age of Retreat. After the defeat of the great Goblyn army, and all the leaders lost, many saw Sifu as a coward, a traitor. She had abandoned them to their fates, chasing after a task that could not possibly be done. One of her apprentices, Rekki, had sought to rectify this, to spread the truth of Sifu's fate. Nyeka had heard many rumors, but pursued Rekki and through their travels, she came upon a vision of how her mistress Sifu came to become the powerful creature she is today. Where others saw a curse, Nyeka saw a blessing. She vowed then to follow her mistress in strength, and to never waver from battle. Nyeka believed that one day, Sifu will prove to all Goblynkind that females be superior, by casting down Baulk and returning Goblyns to their rightful place. The Skera Nipt are her Hands and Feet in this world, and they prepare, waiting until the day when she calls for them, to aide her in her attempt to slay the traitorous Baulk.

Current Day

Though secretive, it is not unknown for a Skera Nipt to embark upon a journey amongst the rest of the monster population, and the world in general. For some, it is because they wish to see the world, born in to a isolated tribe. For others, who come from the outside world, find that they miss the entertainment of it. But all who are chosen of Sifu, eventually return to her hands. A traveling Skera Nipt tends to be somewhat withdrawn, a result of the secretive and close-mouthed tribe. As such, most Skera Nipt are somewhat removed from monster culture in general, some of whom seem to be far too interested in the idea of a bunch of hot warrior Goblyn chicks.

Many of the Skera Nipt attempt to emulate their patron, by specializing in a combination of Sifu's chosen weapons. Great warriors become the best at their chosen combination, and the greatest can even master two combinations. But it is forbidden to attempt to master them all, as only Sifu may, and all who try are doomed to fail, spectacularly, and hilariously.

Skera Nipt translates roughly from their tongue to 'Slaughter Sisters', or the Sisters of Slaughter.


  • The Skera Nipt are led by a single female Goblyn, who is a favorite of Sifu. This Goblyn must be both a renowned warrior and a shaman of great skills. This Goblyn is called the Mouth of Sifu.
  • Next come the Arms of Sifu, three of them. Each of these females chose one of the pairs of holy weapons of Sifu, and are the best in the tribe at their chosen combination.
  • After that are the Feet of Sifu, shamans who have wandered the world and returned to the tribe, chosen by their Goddess.

Known Members


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