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It's Shivioch - and she's on to you, pal.


Race: Goblyn Snotling Tribe
Realm: Nan Belegorn
Real Name: Emi
Started: September 2005
Unit: HellHammer
Weapon of Choice: Sword and Shield




A long time ago Magliviat made the goblyns. He made many gobbos - much times larger than the largest litter. As he made them, they all ran around his feet - playing games, drinking, and making first weapons to kill delicious pinky. There were so many gobbos that even Magliviat couldn't keep eye on them all, so one day he accidently step on female goblyn he just make - name Laki. Laki got squoshed and was made much smaller than the normal gobbos. Because she was smaller Laki was not able to have many kits in her litter so there are no many Snotling tribe today and there never will be. This be o.k. though because when Laki Snotling was squoshed her mate-teeth were broked so Snotling females can mate as much as they want and no bite off goblin dick.

Unfortunately all Snotlings are at disadvantage for survival because they so much smaller than all other races. Magliviat see this and know this after he squosh the Laki gobbo and so he give the tribe of Snotling extra-special belssings to make up for stepping on them and sqoushing them small.

Firstly he make it so Snotlings eat less than other gobbos and races and this how they survive when Broken River tribe starve all the gobbos, even though they be much smaller. Secondly he make Snotlings easy affected by drink and quick to recover from drink. So quick - Snotling gobbos can get drunk twice in one night. This way Snotlings have twice as much fun at celebrations with half of the effort. Lastly and bestly Magliviat make Snotlings have bester relations with largey gobbos and trolls so they survive better. They is not the best at fighting because they is so much smaller than all other monsters and pinkies but because they have be blessed with good relations with extra-large gobbos and trolls, they survive pretty well.

Snotlings do not live together nomore but when they did a long time ago - after they were made - they lived in a warm place near the beachies. Snotlings no live near the beachies no more but they still likes to eat the fishies and sea animals. They also gets cold very easy and fast because they is not naturally be in cold weather. It if be winter season and they be in cold place they try to hiberate all season but big gobbo and troll friends poke them until they get up because big gobbos and trolls know that Snotlings would be starve to death if they be falling asleep for months since they canno store up food because they don't eat very much.

This be how Snotling tribe came about and how they be now. They is impulsive wanderers who end up far far way from the home. They likes to fight, even if they aren't the best and they is never seen far from the big gobbo and troll friends they have. They can get picked on a lot by other races and pushed around a little extra than normal goblyn but they be able to take care of themselves, specially with troll and big gobbo friends to help. Snotlings don't mind being tossed for games and make joke of but they likes to be compensated - something the monsters do not do, Snotlings find. If you come accross Snotling gobbo they prolly be with big gobbos and trolls, mating, or jihading - sometimes more than one these a time.

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