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The God of Slaughter, Murder and Mayhem.

Often associated with gods of destruction form many cultures and creeds. Scaragga is worshiped by beings from every race, although worship entails not prayers and intense but blood and bodies. Monsters and Madmen alike pay homage to Scaragga in rivers of blood. To look on its form is to see it manifest as a grotesque member of your species caked in blood and gore.


Worship of Scaragga takes the form of a banner marked with its name and it's symbol. Those who wear its mark will tally their kills, when they reach enough they will have appeased Scragga, if they fail to do so he consume them all and their kills will have counted for nothing.

Mass of Slaughter

Have a white Flag that is large enough to count all the marks, have red pens or paint to count. Have Scaragga's symbol in the center.

Participants will sign the very bottom/back of the flag.

1000 Kills over the course of a single day of heralded fighting.

Tally the kills of every participant

There is no max number of participants

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