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Just a wandering forest creature who might steal your shinies...or your babies...

Fighter Name: Sapling
Fighting Since: Nov. 2015
Race: Dwende
Realm: Northern California
Unit: N/A
House(s): House Valkyries
Events Attended:
- Chaos Wars 2016, 2017
- Battle for the Ring 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019
- March of the Armored Penguins 2016, 2017
- Siege of Sunspear 2016
- Phoenix Rising 2016
- Harvest Massacre 2016, 2017

Sapling is the only one of her kind due to the scarcity of when dwende come into being. Sapling can often be seen with a rock by the name of Mowgli_the_Hat_Troll having taken an intense liking to that rock. It is very strange, but as Sapling is a forest creature and is one with nature, it actually isn't very strange at all. Don't mess with her rock, Sapling doesn't like it when you mess with her rock.

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