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After dee Great War end, an' beginning of Age of Retreat, der be one witchdoctor apprentice named Rekki. She study under Sifu durin' war, but too small an' young an' weak to be in battle. So wen dee Empire crush greenskins in final battle, she run wit other Goblyns, an' never heer wat happen to Sifu or Skribbit. Rekki be one of dee last witchdoctor apprentice left, an' she want to prove her worth to her mistress, an' other goblynz in tribes surrounding. After dee war, many say bad t'ings' about Sifu. Say she abandon dee battle, she leave dee war early to hunt stupid idea. Some say she betray Goblynz, help Marjack and other gods, an' be no better den Baulk. Rekki know her mistress be hard an cruel, but she never betray her own kind. Be one of proudest Goblynz in dee world. So Rekki decide to set out on journey to find wat really happen to her mistress. She hav no ideas wer to start doh. Dee leader of her tribe not noh anything, an' believe Sifu be traitor anyways. He always wary of Rekki, but other goblyns say it good to keep majik wielder around. So Rekki leav tribe, an' wander around dee woods where she be at dee time. Groups always be movin', but she noh dis area be full of Goblynz. Jus' need to noh where to look. So she visit other tribes, but all say same t'ing. Sifu and Skribbit left battle, an no one noh wat happen after. So Rekki ask if dey noh anyone dat might have idea. Goblynz shake heads no. After a few more tribes, Rekki start getting discouraged, but she decide to try one more. Dis last one not noh anything either, but elder in tribe say dat der be an old seer dat live in the mountains, and maybes he know?

So Rekki set off in search of dis seer. She walk for couple days, and finally reach dee seer cave, about half-way climb up side of mountain. It be dark, an light of fire come from inside cave. Rekki approach slow, gnarled wood staff in one hand, an' dagger in dee other. Sittin in front of fire, be dis old, withered creature. Rekki not sure if it be goblyn or not. Skin be more ash gray, wrinkled an' scarred. Old voice tell young greenskin come in, an' welcome. Rekki approach, an' she ask right away if he noh wat happen to Sifu an' Skribbit. Seer ask if she noh wat happen to others? Rekki say "of course! We all feel Melashekhaad hand touch earth, an see mountains dat rise from dee crack. Reth be taken away by dee god."
"So how you noh anything happen to dem? Maybe Pissran take dem away?"
Rekki give him look. "Pissran be a bitch. She not take Goblyn anywhere dey wants to go."
"Okay, have point. But still, how monster noh anything? Sees it, or hears it."
" Old one know what happen to Sifu an' Skribbit or not?"
Seer nod yes. "But, not tell youngling dis until she prove worth." Dee wrinkled creature say she must go out an' kill one of each of dee races dat rise against goblyns in dee Great War. Must bring trophy, or sacred t'ing from each one. Rekki not sure. She only weak, small apprentice. She ask how she do dis by herself? He say dat why it be test to prove worth. If want to noh what happen, must do dis.

So wit a sigh, dee young greenskin set out to complete dis task. She start wit easy targets, elfie an' human. Not even worth mention, Goblyn spend so much time killin' Griks like dem. So hav elfie ears, and not sure wat take from human, so decide to cut off dee smallest finger on dee hand of pinkie, dat way be easy to carry. Next, Rekki decide to hunt Hat Troll. Dey be dee stupidest of dee remainin' three monsters, after all. So she follow small group of trolls for couple days, hoping ta lead one away. Der be couple times wen she t'ink dey see her, but she hide again, an' dey keep goin'. Finally, she catch one wen he be off wandering lookin' fer food in early morning. Trolls not like dee sun, dis be why dey wears hats all dee time to protect head. She follow him, and den he wander through clearing, an' bend down to look at sumt'ing. Now, Rekki consider whether to use her majikz against dis Troll. But she think why? Can easy out-smrt Hat Troll. All she hav ta do be wait for dem ta do sumthing stupid. So when she see dis Troll bent on ground in middle of a sunny clearing, she know it be best chance. She run up behind him, stab dagger though his foot, grab hat from head, and run as fast as she can. He swipe at her with big purple hand but miss, an' dat be when she hear it. Dat hissing noise, like dee sound of fresh meat on dee fire. She not look bakk until she further away, an' when she hear dee screamin start. Dee troll still be stukk into dee ground by dee dagger, but he not be carin' bout dat anymores. Keep hearin dee sizzlin sound, and der be what look like smoke comin' out dee Troll's ears. He clutch his bare head, an scream louder as dee brain an' heart in his head bake. He finally hav sense to pull out dagger, but by dee time he get it free and stand up to run from the hot sun, it be too late. Dee steam turn to blood, an' dee tall monster collapse in heap of purple flesh and dark blood. Rekki finally emerge from treeline, an' check if he dead. She kick dee corpse couple times. Yep. He dead. So she take dagger from Troll's limp hand, put dee hat in with ears and pinkie pinkie, check body for shinies, and move on.

Next on dee list be an ogre. Now, Rekki noh dat ogres be much taller an' stronger den goblynz, an' even doh goblynz be smrter den any other race, ogres not quite as stupid as trolls, so dis be little more difficult. So she decide to make a trap. She find good spot, near where ogre tribe be set up fer dee warm season, an she start to dig. She dig into dee soft earth for days. Goblyns good at digging, but she only one greenskin, an' kinda small one at dat, so it take a while. One day, Rekki be finishing up her digging wen she hears loud crunching though the brush. She quickly hurl herself out of dee hole, cast quick spell to hide dee opening, an' den hides herself. Out of dee trees comes dis HUGE ogress. Rekki not noh much about ogre females, but dis one be very large, belly exposed, an' her grey face be covered wit many black war markings. Her large rock club be held in dee thick hand at her side, an' Rekki whisper to Pissran an' Melashekhaad dat dis plan work. Dee ogress keep walkin', wit no mind to her feet. She stumble right at dee edge of dee hidden pit, an' trip headlong into dee hole. Rekki spring up from hiding spot, eager to make dee kill. But she quickly realize dat her plan not work. Dee large female get to her knees, an' already Rekki noh her hole be too small. She can see top of ogress head from where she be, an' noh it will be able to stand soon, an' escape wit no problem. Rekki curse stupid ogres for bein' so damn tall, an wit dee same breath, begin to chant spell. Dee earth around dee hole begin to shift, and it start to fill dee pit with dirt. Dee ogress open her eyes from smackin' her head against dee hard ground, an see dis little greenskin holdin' her hands out an' mutterin' sumt'ing under her breath, an' she snarl in anger. Rekki chant faster, an dee dirt begin to pour into dee hole, collapsing dee walls an' trappin' dee ogress' legs. It still fill as dee warrior shout in rage, unable to stand, buried up to dee waist. She try to pull herself, claw her way out of dee pit wit her muscled arms, but it only make dirt move faster. Rekki focus harder, an' den collapse dee rest of dee pit around dee ogress in one wave of her hand. Dee pale creature be trapped, an only her neck an' head still poking out of dee ground. Dee female roar again, but Rekki quickly slice dee throat, an silence her. Rekki den cut off dee ogress head, an' place it in her sack wit dee ears an' dee pinkie pinkie an dee troll hat. She cover dee exposed neck with more earth, an' leave.

With troll an ogre out of dee way, final challenge be a bugbear. Children of Marjack, dee god who bring war upon Goblynkind, an' condemn Reth to death. Rekki noh dis task require all her cunning an majikz. It take many days to find some, but wen she finally do, she sneak into der camp an take sum hair from dee bugbear chieftain head. She steal other t'ings too, cuz dey shiny an' why not? But dey not important. Pinkies may ask, "why you not just kill him, if he asleep in front of you?" And we laugh, because Griks not understand. Rekki hav much bettter plan in mind. She go back into dee forests, an' begin to craft her majikz. Now, dees be ancient majikz, from Age of Creation, when Goblyn majik be stronger den it be now. Dees spells be forgotten over time, an' only few, very powerful Witchdoktors noh dem now. An dis majik Rekki use on bugbear chieftain, it be most powerful t'ing Sifu teach her. It take weeks to prepare, an' Rekki keep following dee bugbear clan, ever in dee shadows, workin' her majikz. Finally, it be ready.

Bugbear chieftain name be Ko'gak. He wake up one morning, an' need to piss. So he walk out of camp to do business. Other bugbears see him go, but not pay attention. Ko'gak head towards dis big tree, but den his legs keep going. He confused, an try to turn around, but he can't. Legs jus' keep walking into woods. Ko'gak be angry, an' start to rage against whatever curse dis bee. He hit his hairy thigh wit his own big club, an' den wince in pain as dark blood begin to trickle down. But he not stop moving. He hit dee same leg again, an' howl in anger an pain. Dis leg be bleedin' lots, and he pretty sure bone broken, but it still limping along, slow. He cringe, an' smash dee other leg too, hopes dat maybe if both broken, he stop. Both thighs be bleedin' now, fur matted and dark. White of bone can be seen pokin' out of dee side of flesh. But nuthin' work, he still moving deeper into unknown. Ko'gak be mighty cheiftain, but not hav gift of majikz, an' he noh nuthin' of what dis be. He begin to call out to Marjack in his gutteral tongue, ask to stop dis before he walk himself into a river an' die in shame. Dee feet walk few more paces, den suddenly stop. Dee chieftain sigh, glad curse be broken by power of his god. But he try to move feet, an' still can't. Voice, high-pitched an' cackling, ring from trees, an say, "Marjack not save you, bugbear. Marjack be weak. Melashekhaad be strong." An' den, Ko'gak knees give way, an' he land on dem hard, an' bugbear snarl in pain. He try to reach for weapon again, but arm not move. Both arms stay still at side, an' he be trapped der, kneeling on soft, cold earth, only able to move his head. Den small creature drop from tree in front of him. Bright green skin and coal-black eyes, dee Goblyn be holdin' a small skin pouch, covered wit unknown runes an' symbols, an' it reek wit majik. He snarl at dis tiny wretched t'ing who trap him, an' try to lunge at her, but cannot. Dee greenskin smile wide, baring her teeth, an hold out her dagger wit other hand. She mutter into dis pouch, and Ko'gak, enraged, watch his arm reach out an' take dagger from dee outstretched fingers. He want to stab her, to slit throat, to rip head from tiny green shoulders. But it not matter. She look up at him, eyes full of murder an' revenge, an' speak again into her little pouch of majikz. Dee small blade be raised wit both hands, an' thrust deep into his heart. Ko'gak groan, an blood spurt from mouth. It stab again, an' world go dark.

Dee apprentice smile at dee sight of mighty bugbear chieftain battered corpse, an' she remove dee sacred covering on his right arm before kicking dee body over in a slump. Sleeve go with rest of t'ings she collect for dee seer, an' Rekki set off to dee mountains, her trial finally done.

Wen she return, an show dee wrinkled creature her prizes, he cackle loudly an' say she do well. He listen as she tell stories of how she killed dem all, usin' dee cunning an' majik of Goblyn. Old one smile, an say dat Rekki now be worthy to hear what happen to her mistress, an' he tell of how Sifu and Skribbit fight dee Underworld guardian, and how Sifu be tricked to take his power, an' Skribbit be consumed wit rage, an' ascend as god. He den say, “Now Rekki must go back to tribes, an' tell others what happen, so dey understand. Der will be a day when Baulk be destroyed for his crimes, an' Goblynz be strong like before dee War. But until den, we remember dis strength, an' what we be."

And dat be wat Rekki do. She travel to all tribes she can find, an' tell dem all day she noh. Tell dem of Sifu an Skribbit, tell dem how she best dee other races, an' dat dey not need to fear. Tell dem to be strong, an' remember wat dee War was like, wat fury an' rage be, an' how put fear into hearts of pinkie an' monster alike. Rekki be first witchdoctor to speak stories, as well as majik. She pass dis onto her apprentices, an' it become tradition from Age of Retreat, until dis day.

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