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The green tape on the pommel of the weapon helps distinguish which class it belongs to.

In Belegarth, the color system exists to help quickly distinguish which class of damage a weapon does. Without this color system, it would be difficult in the heat of battle to determine whether a sword is stabbing legal or capable of breaking shields.




Weapons must be marked with the appropriate color(s) of tape to denote their classifications. This marking tape must be placed in a manner so that Combatants and Marshals may easily see it.

  • 1.2.1. Class 1 Weapons are marked with blue tape on either the pommel or handle.
  • 1.2.2. Class 2 Weapons are marked with red tape on either the pommel or handle.
  • 1.2.3. Class 3 Weapons are marked with green tape on either the pommel or handle.
  • 1.2.4. Class 4 and 5 Weapons are marked in a manner to indicate a Marshal has inspected them.

Weapons can be of more than one class. An example of this is stabbing legal swords (blue and green), and glaives (red and green). These weapons should be marked accordingly.


The color of a weapon is often shouted when striking a target from behind so that they know which action to take.

When facing an opponent directly:

  • Shouting "RED" when swinging a Class 2 Weapon alerts a target that if the strike had sufficient force, it negated armor or damaged their shield.
  • Shouting "GREEN" when thrusting a Class 3 Weapon alerts a target that the strike deals piercing damage.
  • Shouting "DOUBLE GREEN" when thrusting a Class 3 Weapon alerts a target that the attacker had two hands on the weapon, thus negating armor and dealing piercing damage.

Color Class Damage Type Example
Blue Class 1 Weapon Swung 1 Handed Short Sword, Flail
Red Class 2 Weapon Swung 2 Handed Great Sword, Glaive
Green Class 3 Weapon Piercing Spear, Dagger
Yellow Class 4 Weapon Piercing & Head Legal Javelins, Arrows
White Class 5 Weapon Head Only Rocks

Local Variations

It should be noted that some realms have local rules which can modify existing color classes or add completely new ones. Common examples of these are double black weapons which penetrate all defenses, or red rocks, class five weapons (rocks) that can break shields.

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