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Ravn the Skinner

Ulfserks Original Banner, the Unit Ravn founded.

Other Titles:

  • War Chief of the Ulfserk Raiders
  • Jarl of Vigrid Plains

Race: Norsemen
Realm: Vigrid Plains
Unit: Ulfserk Raiders
Other Affiliations:

  • Formerly of Riverbend
Ravn wielding his spear. *immature giggles*

Weapons of Choice: Spear, Sword and Board
Fighting Since: Early 2010

About: Ravn started fighting in the realm of Riverbend during the early months of 2010. While fighting there he founded a new unit called the Ulfserk Raiders in hopes of generating local unit competition although his primary goal was to give a helpful alternative to newer fighters and offer aid in training, weapons making, and garb.

After a falling out with the leadership of Riverbend, Ravn and some fellows met and chose to form a new realm. Ravn was chosen as jarl of the new realm they called Vigrid Plains.

Honors / Tournament Wins:

  • Riverbend Champion 2012

Events Attended:
Oktoberfest 2010
Numenor Opener 2010
Oktoberfest 2011
Oktoberfest 2012
Oktoberfest 2013

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