Ralingarde National Park

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Ralingarde National Park

Ralingarde National Park is the fruition of the efforts of the members of the unit Ralingarde to transform Zaku into a burgeoning forest atop a natural mountain range. Efforts were led by Hazard and Blitzkrieg.

Terraforming techniques

The main process used in the creation of Ralingarde National Park was a technique known as "Exozakusodification," which centered around placing as large a pile of grass clippings on Zaku's shoes as possible. In theory, this would lead to fertilization of Zaku, and the eventual creation of a fertile nature preserve.

The process seemed to be working well, but met with near-disaster when Zaku attempted to get up and walk away. He was caught, however, and the terraforming process was able to continue. Eventually, Zaku became a heavily forested area that now plays host to 112 different species of indigenous wildlife. He was declared a National Park by the US Government in May of 2006.

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