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Real Name: Tim Cirilli

Started Fighting: Summer 2005

Previous Realm(s):Clan of the Kitsune

Current Realm: Order of the Eternal Flame

Realm Officer Positions Held: Voice of the People [2008]

Retainer to Sir Murdock the Mad

Weapon of Choice: Sword And Board

Allies: Rhun

Unit(s): House Dregoth Rhinewood Sentinels

Current House Dregoth Rank: Squad Leader of Northern Wisconsin

House Dregoth Log

Petitioned to House Dregoth: Oktoberfest 2007

Voted Into House Dregoth: Spring War 2008

Obtained Retainership to Sir Murdock: Ragnarok XXIII (2008)

Promoted to Squad Leader of Northern Wisconsin: House Dregoth Thanksgiving 2008

Events Attended:


Chicago Area Mini Events

Oktoberfest 2005

Oktoberfest 2006

Oktoberfest 2007

Spring War 2008

Oktoberfest 2008

Oktoberfest 2009

Spring War 2010

Rhun In June 2010


Ragnarok XXIII [2008]

Next Event(s) Attending: Oktoberfest 2010

Character Biography:

Name: Rabbit

Race: Human

Character History:

Under massive changes

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