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"Would you look at that?! It's a plant that eats you back!! Har har har! Aaaaaaagghhhhh!!!" - joke by a guy who didn't taste very good

Plant Elementals are the very concept of the "life force" itself personified. Legend has it the element of life was the last to form during the creation of the world due to its complexity and all the duties it must be able to accomplish. Nowhere is this more apparent than in its living embodiment, the Plant Elemental. This complexity shows in many ways, with no two "fronds" (as Plant Elementals call one another) exactly the same in appearance, battle technique, or temperament.

While many mortals see plants as docile, this is only because so many mortal species exist on such a short timeline as compared to the lifespan of most of the great plants. Whole battles are going on around us constantly between the trees and flowers and vines etc, for scarce resources like nutrients, land, and light. These battles take place on time scales so lengthy few can truly understand.

The same is true of Plant Elementals. While they may look zen on the surface, there is often stoic rigidity, moral fiber, and fierce competitiveness inside.

Plant Elementals are often employed as the most loyal of guardians, and are the most willing of all the Elementals to give of themselves in support of the well-being of others. As the element of life personified, they are loathe to take life but will do so if absolutely necessary such as when taking a life means many other lives will be saved.

According to legend, the life force represents itself on the mortal plane as a Plant Elemental because plants were the first life on land and it was plants that allowed all of the other land life to follow and build today's great civilizations. Deadly in battle, it is often said that Plant Elementals exist to remind haughty mortals that mortals actually exist at the mercy of nature, not the other way around.


Plant Elementals are often stereotyped as slow moving, slow talking, sticks in the mud - and while this may be true for some, it is certainly not true for all. Some are known to be lithe, willowy, gossipy things with secrets rustling through their leaves, others are bountiful providers wandering the countryside improving harvests, still others attract with their alluring smells and colors but are actually deadly poisoners.


The origins of Plant Elementals are many. Some are risen by wizards, some drawn forth by some crisis in the natural world, some simply budding out of a seed seemingly for no reason at all, some so old they simply do not remember a time they did not exist. Each elemental has their own unique story and evolution from one part of their journey to another.

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