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Vital Stats

Name: Squire PG Blackwolf Von Kirathelle

Realm: Realm of Storm's Haven

Unit: House Warspite

Weapons of Choice: Sword & Board, Great Sword, Single

Started Fighting: 2016



PG joined up in Summer of 2016 with House Warspite. He quickly grew to become one of the most predominant and rapidly known fighters on the East Coast. With a dozen or more major tournament victories and placements in his short career, he is poised to easily become one of the best fighters in foam-fighting. PG Squires under Zuko Giant-Tackler and has one Page, Iro. He also apprentices under Malkin Campbell of No Quarter!

Belted Line

Zuko Giant-Tackler

- Amadeus Zukonian

- Turk Bloodwing

-- Sage Zukonian

- PG Blackwolf Von Kirathelle

-- Iro "Toothless" Astarot

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