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Hrosseldr 2.JPG

Name: Fjotreid Hrosseldr

Nickname: Old Horse

Realm: Umbar

Unit: None

Weapon of Choice: Broad Sword, Axe, Spear

Fighting Since: May 2004 (non affiliated)


The nickname "Old Horse" comes both from the Norse name Hrosseldr (Fierce Horse) and the fact he's the oldest fighter in the realm of Umbar. It is also a reference to David Gemmell's novel "Legend", where the protagonist Druss, keeps being called an old horse because of his age and for being stubborn.

I started doing combat after a couple of successful medieval-themed Halloween parties. We engaged in a crude form of foam combat as part of the party games, and from there we evolved into more sophisticated combat. Our first weapons were nothing more than PVC and pool noodles with duct tape. Then we found about organized foam combat and pursued joining Dagorhir.

After a few "happenings" that made me swore off ever joining a combat organization, Captain Alunsun started a Belegarth group on the island and dragged me back into combat. I've never been happier since then.


Although technically a Norseman in Belegarth, Old Horse looks physically more like a Dwarf than a Human. The fact he spends way too much time in his workshop doesn't help his case either.

Events attended:

Spring Wars 2008. October Fest 2008. Lords of War 2009. October Fest 2009.

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