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Ogur is back!!!

Ogur began fighting in 2001 in Ered Duath. He moved around a lot for a few years, causing him to be only partially active in the realm and sport. In 2004 he moved back to Provo and remained active in the sport and realm for several years. He served as council member for Ered Duath.

He joined the Forsaken as one of the first non-founding members. He was known for wielding his Axe, Suzie.

In 2009, Ogur Retired from the sport due to personal reasons. He spent more than 5 years away, with very little contact with the sport. He constantly itched to return, and told his wife before each season started that he might go back that season. He finally came back at the end of 2013, and attended Battle for the Ring 6 in early 2014.

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