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Oakhart in their natural habitat


"Oh! Sorry, I'm rambling. Wait, was that an acceptable apology? I'm sorry, I'm apologizing too much."

Fighting Name: Oakhart

Mundane Name: Elyan Oakhart

Started Fighting: April 2016

Realm Started in: Mallenorod, Norcalia

Current Realm: Mallenorod, Norcalia

Fighting Style: Spear, Sword and Board

Current Units: Valley Militia

Date Joined Current Unit: September 2017

Houses: The Bifrost Brotherhood, The Arcanery, House Blep

Race: Dryad ([[Nadar]))


Before joining the Nadar, Oakhart began their life as an Elf. Although they remember very little of their life before being a Dryad, they seem to have memories surrounding the idea that the goblin Slippery was like a brother to them, which leads to the theory that he was raised by their family. After being killed by Kib during Harvest Massacre (2016) while fighting the Dark Mirror’s corruption, their remains were left under an oak sapling infused with the the goddess Agrona's energy.

Soon after their rebirth, word travelled to them that Kib had kept a shard of the Dark Mirror and was further corrupted by it, and they sought to end the revolution as peacefully as possible. Despite being an inexperienced (and arguably, terrible) field-commander, they somehow raised a battalion to fight back Kib’s forces of mayhem during Silica Vale (2017). With the help of those on their side, the Dark Mirror was finally pieced back together for good.

Following a successful battle, Oakhart found a home among the Valley Militia, where they fight for the safety of their comrades and those who live in this world.

Oakhart and their dwarven brethren Kelring at Phoenix Rising 2017

Interesting Facts:

Claims to be writing several novels, but never actually puts anything out.

When asked what their army was called during the battle with Kib’s forces, they panicked and said, “The Gay Wardens,” which became the name from then on. Now that’s what they’ll be known as for the rest of history. Good job. “I don’t actually regret it, it’s a pretty good name, in retrospect.” -Oakhart

The “-hart” in their name comes from the archaic word for “stag.” (HART not HEART)

A lily-like symbol is inscribed into their right shoulder. Oakhart claims it’s from an organization they used to belong to, but nobody really knows the true origins of it.

Technically fights Dagorhir, but considers themselves Belegarth since Mallenorod is the only California Dagorhir realm.

Events Attended:

  • Silica Vale 2016
  • War of Wrath 2016
  • Harvest Massacre 2016
  • Phoenix Rising 2017
  • Silica Vale 2017
  • War of Wrath 2017
  • Harvest Massacre 2017
  • Battle for the Ring 2018
Training for the trials of the Valley Militia
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