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An oriental weapon conisisting of two equal lengths of wood, metal, ect. that are connected together by a ball-bearing chain or a rope/cord. Both ends of this weapon can be used as the handle.

These weapons are typically used in martial arts for forms and training purposes. They are also widely used by ninja, mostly for show.

Nunchaku in Belegarth:

Nunchaku are specifically forbidden. You can make a flail, though. In Belegarth, we don’t want anything that acts like a flail to have a core in the part that hits you. In addition, we have pretty strict rules about grabbing the striking surface of weapons. Nunchaku violate all of these rules.

In addition, from a realism standpoint, they’re impressive-looking but not particularly deadly weapons when compared with most of the stuff on the Belegarth battlefield.

On the contrary, Nunchaku have been known to be very dangerous on a battlefield. They carry a great deal of force when wielded proficiently. Reportedly, "The power of strike can come to 800kg / cm2."[1] This is more than enough to fracture many bones in the human body, including some areas of the skull. This danger can be increased by adding elements such as cutting blades or "tenderizer" style spikes. Nunchaku have even been declared deadly weapons and banned in the states of New York and California. In these states, merely owning a pair is a prosecutable crime.[2]

Picture of various types of nunchaku

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