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Realm: Avalon

Fighting Style: Ball and Wall, Bat and Wall, Red Sword

Knighted by Sir Chance at Armegeddon III

Mistie is knighted in Avalon. At sword fighting events after she's done kicking your ass Mistie does bellydancing and fire breathing. She is married to Galin and her dog's name is Angel.

Mistie is awesome, she is fun and funny to be around. She likes sword fighting and dogs and kids and her favorite show is Gilmore Girls. She likes to play Ratchet and Clank and she's awesome at Sonic the Hedgehog. Mistie currently works for Klawz doing paperwork and other random stuff he needs done.

Mistie cooks a mean meatloaf and her chicken and rice is pretty good too. She loves making birthday cakes for her friends, you should've seen the awesome one she made for Galin, it was like two green islands, one was chocolate and one was vanilla, and it had this blue river running in between, and the islands had palm trees and little plastic guys on them and everything, it was crazy. Mistie is really creative, she always does different decorations for parties and special occasions.

  • Who wrote this about me? It's funny shit! :P
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