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Gender: Male

Realm: Rhun

Unit: Petition to Clan of the Hydra

Fighting Since: 2012

Primary Fighting Style: Blue plus (Blue plus Flail, AX, Sheild, Y'know somthin' 


- Improve as a Fighter on the line.

- Improve as a Fighter in Single engagement

- Aid the Realm of Rhun in growing

- Make a complete Garb ensemble

- Learn Spear work sufficiently to advance to Omni-glaive


- Fought left handed for a year to become comfortable with hand matching.

- Has seen Evey Hobbit and LotR ring movie at midnight release.

- Made a Stab AX.

Some Words: I joined Bel when Kayle brought me to a Practice and I have been coming ever since. The game is am amazing amount of fun filled with many quality people. Helping put where I can to a community that has provided so much to me,I try to leave any thing better than I found it.

I choose my name after the Famed Klingon General featured prominently in Star Trek Deep Space Nine.

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