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Lazy Camp is this place where people camp lazily. There'd be a picture of the banner over on the right there, but... I dunno...


Past stuff

It started at Chaos Wars XIII, when Bortas and Niobe and, like, some other people like Dopp and Daraith and stuff decided to camp in this place, like, right by the fighting field, instead of at the designated quiet/family or loud camps allegedly for "ease of running troll". Diomedes was there, Senzo was there, Tasis was there... uh... other people... too...

It attracted other lazy people who weren't camped there. I mean, it was so easy to get to. Kanon and Sare just wouldn't leave the place. Sorcia and Kyrian were esteemed guests. People also dropped by to visit.


If you have to exert effort, you're not following The Code. Sometimes, in order to survive, like, to eat food so you don't starve, you have to break The Code. Once it is determined The Code must be broken, whatever you are doing in violation must be done in epic proportions: you can't just make a sandwich, you must make amazing burritos to feed 50 people, so no one else is forced to break The Code.

Lazy Town

Chaos Wars XIV saw the expansion of Lazy Camp, what with all the guests from XIII becoming residents, leading some to deem the area more of a municipality than an unincorporated community. Some people started calling it Lazyton; I forget who. Anyway, if it's a town now, I guess, we've decided that Bortas is mayor. He needs a top hat and a monocle. And a sash that says 'mayor.' Someone go get that.

The census of Lazyton is a hard thing to get without violating The Code. If one were to be done, it might look like: Senzo, Daraith, Tasis, Dopp, Bortas, Niobe, Blackwolf, Cedric, Sare, Kanon, Sorcia, Kyrian, Cedric Hesin-Raca, Gamin, Ikis, Orren, Locutus, Plithut, ... -snore- Regardless, you will inevitibly find members of Babylon, Hellhammer and God Squad hanging out and mooching and generally entertaining the population of Lazyton.

We need a runner.

A list of stuff you should get for us.

  • Stretch golf cart
  • Air conditioners for tents
  • Skype
  • Snow Bunny anything
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