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The Güv Lög at the moment of its conception as Sigurd's foot rest. Melcaorme XI

Full Name: The Güv Lög
Race: Spruce maybe?
Realm: Tir Asleen

About: The Lög was born from the labors of Alachi and the powers of Sigurd with the aid of the brown viscous liquid of Atman during the first day of Melcaorme XI. When Güv managed to not make it for the first day his friends become lonely and created a convincing proxy of his general attitude and demeanor. But then something happened they did not intend. The Lög became much more then Sigurd's lowly foot rest, he became a legend.

After courageously surviving night near the fire he enrolled into the fashion and dance tournament that night. With the help of the immensely talented Tosk he was decked out with a stylish caution cone hat (courtesy of the Frozen North) and a sleek ribbon tie. His ensemble was completed with a jelly bean stuffed sweat hole and a sexy sock to cover its knob. In the dance contest the Lög blew the minds of all in sight with its crazy moves placing 2nd overall. Again in the fashion show it proved its excellence, pleased the crowd, and spread its woody delight to the entire audience as it removed the sock and flashed its knob. For its intense beauty the Lög won 3rd.

The Lög currently lives with Sigurd and if you are lucky perhaps you will see the legend that is the Lög at an upcoming event.

Fighting Since: 2013
Events Attended:
Melcaorme XI
Oktoberfest 2013

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