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In the old gnoll language, Krysh means blood. For a gnoll to be the blood of their clan, they should bring pride to their kin and represent all their clan stands for. The clan's blood must run through their veins.


The First Krysh Trial (Lore):

Gnoll have been around for a long time, you know. How long? Long-ass time. That mean gnoll tradition have also been around long time, like Krysh trial. Though name of clan be lost to history, name of gnoll that first perform krysh trial is not. Her name Tiny, and this her story.

When Tiny first born, that good name for her. She smaller than her mama's paw. Fate have sense of humor though, because after Tiny have time to grow, she not tiny any more. She big. She so big, when she walk earth shake. She so big that when she roar earth tremble. She so big, that when she fart pinky pass out from smell. We know this because as she get older and bigger, her clan have to raid pinky town to feed Tiny.

Well, Tiny lead bigger and bigger raid, just like she grow bigger and bigger. This work out pretty well for a time, until pinky get very frustrate and declare war on gnoll clan. Plus, they know about Tiny so they send troop as far as eye can see. Tiny see this, so she turn to talk to clan. She say that clan must go far away, find new place to grow. She biggest and strongest, so clan listen. When they ask where Tiny going, she say, “pinky hunting.” Tiny know that clan not get away in time if pinky force not slowed, and she always want chance to really test her skill.

When Tiny meet the oncoming pinky army, she let out loud roar. How loud? So loud that entire army take step back. Then she walk forward. Every step she take, entire army take one step back. When pinky army release enough arrow to make sky dark, Tiny still push forward. As she approach striking distance she start to cackle, and many pinky start to shake. If not for pinky leader yelling attack, Tiny might have broken the pinky morale alone.

From there, Tiny do what gnoll do best. She kill. Nobody get exact count of how many pinky Tiny kill (gnoll don't count good, OK?), but when straggler from clan get view of carnage, they so shocked the only word they can say be, “Krysh,” which be ancient gnoll tongue for blood. Though Tiny die that day, you best believe she take many, many pinky with her.

So, to wrap thing up, this where krysh trial come from. Everybody want to be as big and strong as Tiny, so they go out and kill as many as they can. If they kill enough, they earn respect and become Krysh. If not? Well, then they kill more until they strong enough and THEN they become krysh. Pretty simple, right?

Before The Trial:

  • Petitioner must announce their desire to become krysh at a national, weekend / week-long event (this cannot be the same event the krysh trials take place). The announcement must be made by the event's feast, or it is null and void.
  • Petitioner uses this announcement to convince all gnolls present they are a good fit for leadership / Krysh; at least 2/3 of gnolls present must endorse the petitioner, with a minimum of 2 endorsements required. A petitioner cannot vote for / endorse themselves.
  • A gnoll may be convinced to give their support to a petitioner in a variety of ways, though combat-based trials are preferred. Also, no trial can endanger the life of the petitioner / be super douche-y.
    • NOTE: there is no minimum clan-size required, so long as the gnoll can convince members of other clans.
    • NOTE: there is only one krysh per clan.

Basic Description (After Endorsement is Earned):

  • 30 kills per weapon set w/ six weapon combos of petitioner’s choice (simos count as kills). Trial must take place over the course of a national weekend / week-long event, and another monster must keep tally (gnoll preferred, pinky as last resort).

Details / Mechanics:

  • Allowable Weapon Sets: SnB, Flo, Single Blue, Projectiles (archery, javs, rocks), Spear, Red (any length), Single Dagger (stab only)
  • After selecting a weapon set, the petitioner must obtain 30 kills before moving to their next set. Kills with other weapon sets during this time do not count. Kills while disabled (i.e. a SnB or flo who loses an arm) still count.
  • Armor IS allowed during this portion of the trial.
  • Petitioner reports their kills to tallier after every round. If the required number of kills are not reached (over the entirety of the event), the petitioner does not gain the title. They may try at the next appropriate event without penalty, however.
  • Ideally, the tallier should be watching the petitioner all event to confirm their kills.
  • A petitioner may add 1v1s to their kill count, but only 1) after explaining the process to their opponent 2) once per person (regardless of weapon set). If the petitioner should lose the 1v1, they do NOT receive a second attempt and may not re-challenge the opponent for a Krysh kill.
    • NOTE: the 1v1 opponent must have been fighting for 1 year or longer (with a strong preference toward those of equal or greater skill, to be assessed by the petitioner); opponent must not be intoxicated AND also willing to fight.
    • NOTE: With the exception of 1v1s, all kills must take place during heralded battles before sundown (no killing the drunkards).
  • Two or more gnolls may undergo the krysh trial at an event. If two (from the same clan) complete the trial, the two face-off in a best-of-50 1v1 combat trial. Participants are free to chose any weapon set (i.e. no requirement to match their opponent) and switch weapon sets as often as they wish. Armor is NOT allowed. Whoever wins obtains the title of krysh, while the loser becomes "krysh-in-waiting" (title is work in progress).

Challenging / Deposing Krysh:

  • First, a petitioner must earn the title of krysh; they then become "krysh-in-waiting" (title is a work in progress).
  • From there, they must defeat the current krysh in a best of 50, 1v1 combat trial (same rules as 1v1 challenge described above). If the challenger wins, they become the new krysh and the previous krysh becomes a "scar / scab." (title is a work in progress)
  • A krysh can only be challenged by a "krysh-in-waiting" once every three months.
    • NOTE: if the acting krysh retires, the "krysh-in-waiting" immediately gains the title.

Known Krysh

  • Copper, Second Krysh of Clan Guttermaw
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