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At the same time that Cedric had passed his EBF trial at Arm 3, Necronos created the Kkklan of the Red Birdie as a parody of the unit that his realm founder had joined. He then inititated Spriggot and declaired him to be the true and lawful leader of the Clan.

The Names

The Kkklan is spelt with three K's so that no one will have any doubt that we are racist. The kkklan names are divinely inspired and are taken from objects that are in the area at the time


Currently they are 5 ways to get initiated into the kkklan. They are as follows:

  1. Pledge - It involves pledging to the kkklan and agreeing to do a few tasks. The last one being to find someone else to take your place as a pledge
  2. Chancing fate - It involves licking Dopp's Gelf tattoo on his left arm. This is chancing fate in two ways. First, he tends to put a lot of bug spray on it. Second, Dopp is an honorery EBF member and all EBF members are honorery kkklans members, this makes Dopp and honorery-honorery member. Should the person doing the licking happen to be a closely related honorery something, that would create a triple honorery which would destroy the universe
  3. Service to the kkklan - Doing something so great and awesome that is advances the kkklan in someone
  4. Divine Inspiration - Sometimes the higher powers speaks to a kkklan member and instucts them to initate someone
  5. Self-sacrifice - The only self-sacrifice that is acceptable to the kkklan is setting oneself on fire and dying from the injuries sustained. The only cavet is to make the 'kawkaw' cry before death

Kkklan Members and their Kkklan Names

Spriggot - The Lord EIRMC

Necronos - The Buzz

Durron - Goal 6

Plithut - Flavor Widget

Elerosse - Vintage Discuss

Etain - Max Cold

Peten - Porch Monkey, correction...it is (MuthaFuckin') porch monkey to you mother fucker...

Dagmar - SPF 45

Zane - Adidas Probe

Shintaro - C-note

Juicer - Non-Toxic

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