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Kiro of Chimera
Morva Maelstrom 2014

Fighting name: Kiro

Realm: Numenor / Galahad

Fighting Since: He started sparing in 2003, but didn't join Numenor until 2010.

Weapons of Choice: Spear (known as the "shovel") & dagger; he's a firm believer in the "double green"!

Kiro is a member of Chimera. He has been known for the grin that seems to be stuck to his face while fighting. He gained his start in Numenor, but is currently fighting up north in Galahad. Though he is fit and spry, he relies more on his wit. He chooses to rely more on his patience and battle awareness which has led to the end of many skilled adversaries.

Events Attended:

Oktfest 2010
Oktfest 2011
Oktfest 2012
Oktfest 2013
Wolfpack 2014
Spring Wars 2014
Morva Maelstrom 2014
Oktfest 2014
Wolfpack 2015
KGC 2015
Oktfest 2015
Wolfpack 2016
Spring Wars 2016
Oktfest 2017

Oktfest 2015
Brothers of the blade.
Shovel Spear
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