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Name: Karma Nicollette Dunamai, Lady of House Dunamai

Realm: Arnor (non-combatant), originally hails from Muxlovia

Units: House Dunamai

Career Began: 2005



Karma is the wife of Lord Korbin Dunamai of House Dunamai. She is the matron of the house and does not participate in armed combat. Lady Karma is also the designated soulpainter of House Dunamai.

Beginnings in France

Born in France to a traveling tribe of gypsies, Karma lived a humble childhood. But as she grew, her troupe became more and more impoverished, and eventually turned to nefarious ways to eat at night. Karma learned to burgle, to steal, and to kill at a young age. Eventually, the French crown had had enough of her kind, and published writs against her brothers and sisters. Much of her tribe was imprisoned, or killed during resistance; Karma herself stowed away and escaped across the sea.

Escape to Muxlovia, and the Encounter with Korbin the Mad

She landed in Muxlovia, a fascinating new realm of mighty warriors and plenty of war to profit from. Returning to her old ways as they were all she knew, she found herself in a tavern searching for spoil when French warrant officers entered. Surprised, Karma had little time to evade them, and fell trapped to their numbers. But when one of them struck her for struggling against them, Korbin rose from the bar, a wedge of cheese in his hand, and demanded that they not manhandle her. The Frenchmen, fearing the man's intervention, told him to bugger off; the chief warrant officer threatened steel.

Putting the cheese wedge aside, and covering it with a wooden bowl so as not to splash it with blood, the man stepped forward. The three Frenchmen drew rapiers, and Korbin pulled his mace from his belt. The patrons of the bar, and Karma herself, were then witness to a violent display of self-defense, as the Frenchmen struck first. After retrieving his untouched cheese and vacating the tavern full of horrified witnesses, Korbin bade Karma follow him and explained that the French had no authority in Muxlovia, or anywhere beyond their land-- and barely even there.

Their romance blossomed quickly and the two were wed after four years. Not long after the wedding, however, Korbin was called to sea.

New Life in Arnor

After Korbin landed in Arnor and discovered the life that awaited him, he sent for Karma to be brought over on the next available ship. When she arrived, she was surprised to learn that they had been made nobles, and owned land and a house. With a new life unfurling before her, she wondered what it would be like to leave her old ways in the past and begin life anew.

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