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  • Amtgard Land: Siar Geata of Westmarch
  • Realm: Andor
  • Units: Blue Falcons
  • Started Fighting: 2012
  • Weapon styles: Sword & small shield & archery

Shortly after Comic Con '12, Karissa was invited to a park day with Siar Geata. She was immediately in love with the game, having grown up with a similar style of play that was strictly PVC, pipe isolation, and duct tape. When her attendance became more consistent, her technique steadily improved (though she'll admit she still needs to work on it). She soon was able to drag her husband Fuzzy McFistaCuffs onto the field and the couple became a dangerous fighting duo from then on. Within her first 5 months she achieved her first Owl and Garber awards in Amtgard, and within 7 helped start the fighting company The Blue Falcons.

While Amtgard may be her primary game, her love of Belegarth isn't so diminished. She claims Andor as her Belegarth home and is just as concerned with it's growth as she is with Siar Geata's. In light of this, she's currently on the crat team of a SoCal event named "Crossroads". It's name alone is meant to represent the attempt to merge the games for a better bright future in foam fighting. Her end goal is to unite all SoCal foam fighting in hopes to encourage better fighting, comradery between games, and more acceptance and respect for all.

Hell, we're all nerds with foam sticks. Am I right?

Notable Accomplishments

  • Prime Minister SG May '13-November '13
  • Prime Minister SG November '13-April '14
  • Awarded 'Lady' by King Porkins at Darkshore '14

Events Attended

  • Feast of Mars IX '13
  • Judgement, Battle of Blackwater III '13
  • Battle for the Ring VI '14
  • The Battle of Andor VI '14
  • The War of the Darkshore XVII '14

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