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Inioch Av Rausumea

Realm: Rausumea
Started: Spring 2002
Honorary or Former titles/Units:Av Rausumea.
Board Account:


Inioch has been a part of Rausumea for 8 years now.

On a personal note, Inioch is the drummer of the band "Wixor."

Roleplay History

Inioch's history is long and lame. PM me on the Belegarth board if you're really THAT curious and I'll PM you things

Real Life History

Inioch (DJ Remark) started fighting spring of 2002 with Rausumea and became a member of the Rausumea Guard and a voting Av in 2004 when he was paged under Madog. After a year of service to Madog and the dissolve of the Rausumea guard, Inioch was elected Megeleren of Rausumea under Ashling the elected Domari. In 2006 Inioch dropped his page chain and fighting altogether for three years.

Inioch at Gates of Fire 2009

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