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Grim Warhawk's personal device.
Grim at the Chamonix Field Day

Started Fighting: Spring 2001

Past Realms: Nan Belegorn, Solasmahr Tir

Current Realm: None

Race: Human

Unit: Uruk-Hai

Rank: Ravager

Breed: Dire Wolf / Hydra

Fighting History
Grim Warhawk originally started fighting in Cedar Falls, Iowa in 2001 with the realm of Nan Belegorn under the name Warhawk Al'Ritte. Shortly after he joined the Army and left for training. After returning to Iowa in 2002, Grim moved to Des Moines. There he helped found the realm Solasmahr Tir in Des Moines in April of 2004. Then, at Spring War 2005, Grim joined the Uruk-Hai. At Oktoberfest '05, Grim was promoted to the rank of Ravager of the Uruk-Hai. The next year, 3 weeks before Oktoberfest '06, Grim was mobilized for the military. During the next year, Grim fought with a group of SCA fighters in El Paso, TX. After his time for the military was up, Grim then returned to Des Moines, IA and Solasmahr Tir. Spending a year there, Grim again honed his fighting skills before moving back to Milwaukee, WI. It wasn't until Armageddon VIII that Grim would return to the battlefield.

Interesting Facts

  • Grim is a Leftie.
  • The blue pauldron on his right shoulder symbolizes Solasmahr Tir, the realm he helped found and was a member of when he was promoted to the rank of Ravager in the Uruk-Hai.
  • Dispite having been fighting since 2001, Grim is a terrible swordsman.
  • Grim is classified as a Dire Wolf, but not because he is a quick and light fighter. It's because Grim was the main "Hole Punch" for his Dire Wolf brethren during unit battles.
  • Grim's tutorial on how to make a Mandrel can be found here.

Grim Warhawk's Motto
"I got nothin." - Grim Warhawk

Events Attended

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