Grim Moor

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Artist Rendition of Grim Moor. Source:

When The Bugbear Ju'Dekei's was just a small cub, the nomadic tribe of Bugbear she lived with decided to set up semi-permanent residence in the swamp lands outside of Rhun and named their new home Grim Moor. Time passed and as Ju'Dekei grew she saw the neighboring pinkie villages become more and more restless with the presence of the Bugbears. Deciding that they were tired of having their babies stolen and their villages burned, the Hyoo-Manz in the near by towns attacked the Bugbear village killing most of the monsters. The surviving Bugbear scattered joining their brothers in other parts of the world save for Ju'Dekei whose love for the moor kept her close to it's waters. Weeks passed and Ju'Dekei worked to rebuild the shelters. One day, a wandering Ogre Shaman came across Ju'Dekei's village. She stopped only long enough to prophecy that Grim Moor would one day be rebuilt in multiple wetlands and would be among the most powerful monster villages ever known. The Ogre Shaman said that this can only be achieved when monsters of every race band together to rise against the pinkies. And Ju'Dekei waits - befriending all monsters that she encounters - for one day Grim Moor will flourish again.

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