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What are Formations

A formation is an arrangement of individual fighters, units, or teams used for a tactical advantage.

Types of Formations


The line formation is typically how the two sides in a large melee are arranged prior to the beginning of a battle. The fighters are formed in a long line one rank deep facing the opposing team. Archers will normally position themselves behind the line to reduce their vulnerability.

See also:Shield Wall, Echelon Left and Right, and Reinforced Flank.


The fighters are arranged in a long line one behind the other. The column is mostly used to move troops for parades or during campaign style battles.


In a Square, the fighters are arranged in a box-like formation. Usually, the outer wall contains the shield-bearers and the inner wall holds polearms and archers with the commander(s) in the center of the formation. This type of manuever is better suited to a unit being surrounded by multiple enemies to prevent them from "picking them apart."

See also: Circle and Diamond.


The Circle is a defensive formation when a group or unit is completely surrounded and being attacked on all sides. It is formed by placing the troops in a circle, with polearms and archers inside and the commander in the very center to direct fire and reinforcements.

See also: Square and Diamond.


Similar to the Square, the Diamond is rotated 45 degrees to protect the sides when moving or to increase archer cover to those directions.

See also: Square and Circle.


A "V" shaped arrangement with the point of the "V" pointing either towards the enemy or towards the direction of travel. Also known as a "Spearhead" due to it's value when assaulting an enemy Line or Shield Wall.

See also: Double Wedge.

Double Wedge

Exactly like a Wedge, except a second wedge is formed up directly behind the first. The second wedge can quickly exploit any openings created by the first wedge.

See also: Wedge.

Shield Wall

Similar to a Line formation, except shields take the front with polearms and archers in a 2nd row.

See also: Shield Wall, Line, Echelon Left and Right, and Reinforced Flank.

Echelon Left and Right

Variations of the Line and Shield Wall where they are slanted to the left or right. Used more as a movement command to prepare for an incoming attack or at squad-level.

See also: Line, Shield Wall, and Reinforced Flank.

Reinforced Flank

Additional forces are brought to strengthen one of the flanks. Used in conjunction with a Line or Shield Wall.

See also: Line, Shield Wall, and Echelon Left and Right.

Kill Pocket

In this formation, the fighters arrange themselves in a "U" shape with the open end facing the enemy. Any enemy fighters unlucky enough to be caught in the center of the Kill Pocket will find themselves beeing attacked from the front and sides simultaneously. Shields are normally placed on the inside of the "U" with polearms in a second rank. A kill pocket is best suited for defending a bridge or to trap a fleeing group.

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