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"Is it just me or is it getting kinda hot in here?" - an unfortunate mortal moments before she met her end in the flames of a Fire Elemental

Creatures of purest flame, these elementals can both cleanse and destroy. Dangerous and truly a sight to behold, Fire Elementals are some of the least predictable of all of the Elementals. Many a wizard has tried to bend a Fire Elemental to their will only to end up as a pile of ashes...


Fire elementals are not so varied in type as other elementals as Fire is one of the purest of elements. This does not mean however that all fire elementals are exactly alike.

For example, one Fire Elemental might be brash and hot-headed, and another might be welcoming and warm. A word to the wise though: while a normally passive Fire Elemental may at one time seem docile and quiet in one moment ALWAYS be aware that their notorious temper can send them into a roaring rage the next. Choose your words wisely.


The origins of Fire Elementals are many. Some are risen by wizards, some drawn forth by some crisis in the natural world, some simply springing from the flames seemingly for no reason at all, some so old they simply do not remember a time they did not exist. Each elemental has their own unique story and evolution from one part of their journey to another.

Known Fire Elementals

None listed at this time.

See also: Elementals

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