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Began: May 2014

Realm: None

Unit: House Dregoth

Sub Unit Tuatha Dregoth

House: Valkyries

Race: Syren, Pookah

The Evolution

Feena was a young, Wild pookah and as such prone to being a bit reckless. It is why she changed her form and presented herself as Haldis to the handsome Viking, Bren. She thought to play a grand joke, but found herself enamoured and then in love with the mortal.

She thought to herself, about how she will not die of old age, as he might, about how if she was struck down in battle she would revert and he would not know her to bury her. Or how he might search the after life in vain, for no one was sure were Fae go when they die.

And so she revealed herself to him, her truest form. And even in his wonder, he felt bereft. The woman he had known had been an illusion. And try as she might to convince him else, Feena could not make him see that her form was different but the fierce heart he had chosen as his wife was the same.

She could not bear to be truly parted, but they never again touched, or looked into each other’s eyes. They never again whispered each other’s name, which hurt Feena all the more, as he had never said her truest name, one only known to her and the Universe. Bren wandered with his band, sure he was always alone. But she watched and wondered and waited.

Perhaps it was this rebellion of her nature, to be Wild, unbound by almost anything. Perhaps it was her sorrow turning to anger. Perhaps it was a need for a rebirth, to be something beyond even her own recognition. Feena will never be sure of this moment in her own memory and that troubles her some. But there was a Call, a pull towards something wild and dark, deep below her hooves along the river bank.

Even as she sank, she knew she was also held. Even as water filled her lungs, words filled her mind. Even as her heart broke, it was made anew. Even as she rejected her old life, she was claimed into a new one.

What emerged was still Feena, but also something else. Bound in way that would have been unthinkable before, she was also free in a new way. And it pleased her, a tingle that raced down her spine and curled up happily in the cold, watery center of her new self.

A Syren walked out of the river, greeting the Moon as an old friend and grinning with wild abandon with all the mischief and chaos in her soul.


Feena is still finding her way amongst the newness of her transformative dive into the deepest waters. She is slowly learning about how she has changed and thus may not be the most rational of beings... Beware!


Despite the story, the players Feena & Bren are married and are never far from each other's presence. They currently have no official realm, but are both part of House Dregoth. They live along the banks of the Mississippi and host much nerdery and geekiness, with serious doses of paganism, in their home.

Feena loves her spear, Thurisaz and it is her primary weapon. She has a Bouquet of Arrows that she wishes to teach her Brownie chylde on, her small Ordell, and her cherished gift Blodwyn, and the plan is to learn to dual wield them.

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