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Fighter Information

Favian at Wolfpack Opener 2017.
Favian at his second practice, in 2014. Note use of buckler as a strap shield.

Name: Favian Macula, of Hiteman
Actual Name: William Smead
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Realm: Southern Eyrie
Status: Realm Leader, Equipment Maintenance
Primary Fighting Style: Archer, Sword and Board
Fighting Since: October 2014
Hails From: Hiteman, IA
Fighting Colors: Black and Teal
Main Weapon: Carpe Noctem

Other Information

  • When not fighting, Favian enjoys being a survivalist, including honing his fishing, hunting and camping skills. He currently helps enlighten young minds at a learning center in Oskaloosa, IA.

Events Attended


Favian's name comes from two seperate phrases, both of which fit him well. Favian is an old, fairly common medieval name meaning "wisdom." Macula means "flawed" in Latin. roughly translated, his name means "flawed wisdom." Favian is considered to be wise for his age by most of who know him, yet he has made more than his share of mistakes in his short life.

Favian was born in the land of Springfield, MO but traveled at the green age of four to the land known as Hiteman, IA. He grew up as a plainsman with his mother and father, farming the land and hunting. Favian is a great shot, and prefers arching, because that is how he fed his family all those years. At the age of 10, his father was tragically killed and eaten by a hat troll. Since then, he has had a deep-seeded hatred for all monsters. He will work with them when required, and even socialize on occasion, but only begrudgingly. At the age of 18 he set off on his own to the land of Oskaloosa to learn the skills necessary for his profession. After completion of his education, he decided to stay in his new found home and offer his skills to better the lives of the young in the area.

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