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Elsbeth, the Huntress

Name: Elsbeth

Fighting Since: June 21st, 2012

Fighting Style: Sword&Board/Archery/Glaive

Realm: Blackwater/Splinter

Character: Half Elf Huntress/Pirate/Gypsy/Aztec/Whatever-she-feels-like-dressing-as

Lore: No one really knows where Elsbeth came from, for she doesn't talk of her past often.

She became official Blackwater on April 13th, 2013 at the Battle of Andor.

She has endless devotion to her Sith Lord and boyfriend, Cheeseheart <3

Events Attended: Raid on Iron Isles 2012, Battle for the Ring V, Fool's Raid 2013, The Battle of Andor 2013...

Quotations about Elsbeth:
"I think she's a Pokemon or something." -Daggar
"I skinned a mermaid, BITCH!" -Elsbeth
"I skinned a yeti, BITCH!" -Elsbeth
"You look like a Norwegian stripper." -Finn

The Real Elsbeth

Real Name: Carla

Details: Carla is a junior at San Diego State University, and she joins Bel when she finds time away from work, school, and her art.
She only fights when in Splinter, but is looking forward to being a noncombatant and photographer at future events.(Dis is a lie. She fights events with Daggar and da rest of Blackwater.)
Outside of Bel, she paints abstract pieces, sings in her car and at karaoke nights, studies World Religions, reads, sews, plays D&D, attends theater productions, and tries to enjoy her life.

Also a badass seamstress.

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