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Member of Blackwater. The leader of Province Splinter.

Fighter Name: Elric Stormbringer

Real Name: Jonny

Fighting since: February 5th, 2011 (Judgement I)

Realm: Blackwater

Unit: None

Fighting Style: Dual Bastard Sword Florentine, Archer and Dagger with Buckler

Race: Melnibonéan, Moredhel, Dark Eladrin, Dökkálfar

Lore: Nomad and wanderer, he was once an emporer in another universe in another time stream. With his twin black blades Stormbringer and Mourneblade, the drinkers of mens soul's, lost to him; he now prefers the way of the bow and arrow. Taught to him by his close friend Rakhir the Red Archer. He now wears the attire of his lost friend. He is competent in combat speed archery (currently working on his doublet tehnique), but watch out if he ever gets a greatsword in his grasp.

Out Of Character: A relatively newer fighter, Elric was introduced to Belegarth by Daggar and Jameel of Sandspire. He took to the sport and joined Sandspire as a fighter. Seeing an opportunity to join with Blackwater he jumped at the chance. A member of Blackwater he just recently he became the leader of the province Splinter. He is sometimes refered to as "The Devil". He will get you drunk and you won't even know it. Claiming the phrase "It's what I do". He is also the reigning champion and belt holder at Beer Pong.

Elric is a Master Liquormancer currently apprenticing Daggar of Blackwater.

Events attended: The Battle of Andor III and IV, Judgement I and II

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