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Luke Draykaun came to be in 2002 when he started to have a strong desire to learn the art of sword fighting both with shield and two handed weapons. He search far and wide trying to find some one who teach him what he was after. But alas it seemed his search was vain and was about to give up, when in 2005 he met a fighter in Idaho Falls who taught him a little. But Draykaun failed to ask what group this fighter belonged to, so again he was left to wander and search again.

In 2011 as he wandered he meet some fighters again and learned of Belegarth and what was taught. He then began his study of the sport to find someone who could teach him how to fight. As he spoke with Arktos of Shanara he learn what was involved and Draykaun took this and began to study the rules and laws of Belegarth, as well as how to smith his own weapons. As he studied he learned of Sir Par of Rath, and contacted him and learned that there was one whowho could teach the fundamentals and technicals of sword fighting. He was told of Hendell Stoneshield who lead the realm of Shadowdale as well as the Reapers. Draykaun immedately called Hendell and asked when the next practice was. Draykaun went and was hooked. He loved. What he had learned and his desire grew to want to grow and become a good fighter and improve. As he continued to go to practice his skill improved at small steps. As Drayakun went he asked Hendell, Millain, and Rufio to assit him to become more skilled. What Draykaun learned he also applied the same desrie to his learning of foamsmithing and upon completing his first shield, which was a concave backpack shield, it passed and impressed Hendell. Upon the first winter practise was held; he was made the realm foamsmith. Which Draykaun loved since he loved to build weapons and as time contunued, garb as well which he is quite good at.

As Draykaun's skilled with the blade improved before winter practises started the he continually pationed to join the Reapers, as winter practices continued so did his skills. Then in January of 2012 he met Mornholt of Ebonhold the other elite within the Reapers. As Draykaun practised with Ebonhold, Mornholt also saw the potential Draykaun had, and that day Mornholt and Hendell agreed to make him an initiate to see if he had what it took to be a Reaper. Now the real work starts for Draykaun.

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