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  • Often being regarded as the opposite of a reasonable choice for a monster race, the defining feature is that all dragwons are homosexual.

The dragwon is a strange creature, full of flurb and fluff and munchkinism, like saying you are a diety without acknowledging your puniness. There is currently no way to tell who is Dragwon and who is not, so watch your back (or drop the soap deliberately, no judgements). This is why they can be all colors of the rainbow. How the race reproduces at all, without breeders is unknown, and thus causes great confusion when new ones appear. Other defining features are yet unknown, although a tendency to whine, moan, and vandalize geddon pages has been observed. They may exhibit a tendency to min/max. Snowflakism Especiale is a known disease that appears to have infected 100% of the population.

Known Dragwons

  • Smaug
  • Err:divide by zero
Covered head to toe in gold...just fabulous
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