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Goofy Diesel.jpg
Suspicious looking Goblyn wit shiny wizard hat at Chaos Wars 19. Not be stolen, prah-mis. ;)

Fighting Name: Diesel
Race: Mech Goblin
Realm: Grond
Unit: Barreler in House Hellhammer
Primary Fighting Style: Sword and Board
Fighting Since: 2012

I began fighting in Gilead, until it was disbanded in October 2012. In the summer of 2013 I was involved in the birth of Grond. I truly love all aspects of the sport (except maybe archers), and am always looking to better improve myself and the game.

Events Attended:

Wolfpack Opener 2015
Spring Wars 2014, 2015
Armageddon 2015
Chaos Wars 2015
Oktoberfest 2014
Rhun Closer 2014

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