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Danzig and Corvin at Rhun.

Fighting Since March '06
Race Hat Troll
Realm Dunharrow
Styles Slashin', Stabbin' and Shootin'


Danzig not remember much of his early life... or much of anything for that matter. While his origin remain a mystery, his first memory is looking into Sun and losing much vision. Half blind, he find his other senses become strong, especially his sense of smarts. He figure it is good idea to make head cover to protect from the blinding, mind-reading intentions of the sun.

While foraging one day, Danzig see one group of pinkfolk sneak through woods to ambush other unsuspecting pinkfolk. The raiding pinkies, who call themselves Dregoth, offer much booze to Danzig if he help them. Danzig love booze, and Danzig love slaying unsuspecting pinkies, so how could he refuse? During vicious fight, Danzig lose left hand in battle to a filthy Kraut. Instinctively, he pick it up and run away. Eventually, it grow into smaller Danzig. Bigger Danzig leave little troll in care of woods and set off to reclaim his booze. He find the Dregoth pinkies fighting hard at the Spring War. He join them and they make him member of their army, which mean he get flashy green and black dress and fancy title. Danzig enjoy fighting with these particular pinkfolk, they teach him good human speech and they run alot. Running keep Danzig healthy, so he has much strength to care for little troll when he return to woods with the tasty spoils of war.

Danzig feel lonely amongst Dregoth pinkskins, and they is not too fond of him for eating their babies, so Danzig venture outward to Dunharrow and Loderia to find more of his kind. He find no more Trolls, but he meet many interesting creatures who help him feel more at home. They teach him to fight better and be more social. Following the war of October, Kiran of the Kinsmen invite Danzig to come fight with them. Danzig enjoy idea of fighting with non-pinkfolk every once and again. He accept offer.

Where have I seen this kid before?

You may have seen me at:

Weeklong Events:

  • Armageddon VI

Weekend Events:

Mini Events:

  • Dunharrow Mini Events 2007
  • Loderia Mini Event 2006
  • Slums of Shaolin Mini Event 2006
  • Wolfpack Opener 2007

The Prosaic Danzig

Name Michael Lofthouse
Date of Birth 8/2/88
Place of Origin De Kalb, IL
Major Mathematics Education

Michael is a full time student at NIU, works at Subway, and has a son: Baby Jason Michael Coulombe, born 10/10/05.

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