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Real Name: James Katz

Started Fighting: October 18, 2008

Realm: The Lowlands (Valrim Chapter)

Fighting Style: Sword and Board

Race: Human

Unit/Faction: Independent


-Under Construction-

Events Attended

Animosity II


I am Cyapar. My past is shrowded and mysterious. The earliest I can remember was living in a small Viking community. I was brought up a warrior, trained to fight for survival. We had close to nothing. As a child I prayed for my father to return from his raid with glory, for that was the only way for us to eat. People of the mainland viewed us as barbarians, as murderers and thieves. However, I would not have ever survived was it not for my father's earnings he would bring back. When I came of age to fight, my father was killed in battle. I was left with many younger siblings and my poor mother. I knew it was my turn to go on the raids with the older men. I had to serve my family.

The first raid went well, we killed many and took much. However, all was lost on the return jorney- even our lives. A mighty storm sunk our vessel. I have been to Vallhalla. I remember not a thing of this place, but I am again alive. I must have been brought back for a purpose, but I do not yet know what. I wander this land, a couple hundred years after I died, letting prophecy take its place.

I woke up one morning, what seemed instantly after I drowned, on the streets somewhere within the Holy Roman Empire. I have never been to this strange place, but I quickly learned their language and started my life. I learned the future is very much like the past. Perhaps nothing ever changes. The land is still rotten with war, hatred, greed and lust for power. There is a new religion of which I had never heard of. Christianity was new to me, but I saw good in it. I heard of all the stories of the chosen land. The land of Israel. I heard of a city in this holy place, the holiest cities of them all. Jerusalem. There was a crusade being launched to this mysterious holy land. I wanted very badly to go, to see this wonder.

I set out one morning, with nothing but the clothes on my back, a bow on my back, and all the faith in the world. One night however, I woke to find myself tied up. I saw my capturs. It was quite obvious they were slave traders. I tried to wriggle myself free, but the ropes were tied too tight. In some language I could not understand, one asked my a question. I simply looked confused at him. He understood. So at that note, he tied my hands and made me walk behind his horse. After hours of walking, I managed to grab my knife I had hidden in my boot. I started sawing at the rope when one of my captures saw me. They shouted something I could not understand and lept of their horses swords drawn. I got my hands out of the rope and stood at a ready position. These men lept at me with their scimitars. I agily dodged and stabbed one in the heart. I had two more to work with. They quickly overpowered me. Right before one of them was about to impale me into the dirt, an arrow whisled overhead and struck him between the eyes. I looked to the horizon at my savior. A hospitaller crusader with a long bow. His name was Allard. He gave me dinner and told me he was on his way to fight for the holy land. I agreed to go with him and out of viking curtousy, I offered him my life. He had saved mine, and I will pay back the debt by eventually saving his.

The fighting in Israel was brutal. The muslims gave no mercy and neither did we. Allard and I fought side by side many a time. Once we began to make progress with the fighting, we were called back by orders of the pope. A new land had been discovered accross a great ocean. The pope immediately wanted several hundred men to go there and convert everyone. Allard and I set off on the ship with the missionaries as their protection. One night, several weeks into the jorney, a storm hit. I was instantly reminded of my previous death. This time, however, I did not wake up in a different life, or in Vallhalla. I woke up on a beach next to Allard. All other men had been killed from the shipwreck. I soon came to learn this new land by the name of the Lowlands. I fought many battles with Allard and the people of the lowlands. I soon to come to be very found of the new place in which I lived and the fighters there.

Allard and I decided that the best thing for our mission was to split up. He would stay in Valrim. I went north to recruit more crusaders. I was origionally going to a place I heard of called Jericho. By the time I got there, however, Jericho was destroyed and only a few survivors remained. Back in Valrim, Allard got sick of the pope and the greed of the church. He decided to join a unit of Rangers in Valrim. I got word of this and decided to go back to my roots. I went back to being a barbarian. I was good thing that there were many barbarians in this new land I had found. I started the process of recruiting them. I still owe my vow to Allard and will fight for him until I return to Vallhalla. Not just me, but my new unit of Barbarians will give our lives for the Lowlands. Our only goal in battle is to get to Vallhalla. I still know not what my purpose in this strange new future is, but I know it will be played out.


L fe23de4c1e928004be3d1671651f2bb1.jpg Cyapar (Left) fighting companion Allard, also of Valrim







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