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The Cinderflesh are a reclusive tribe of Goblyns dedicated to Melashekhaad. Those who know of them say they despise and fear majik of any kind, and often practice blood rituals to the creator god, in a feeble attempt to rid themselves of it.


In the early days of the Great War, it is said that Sifu sought out the cat goddess Pissran to aid the Goblyns in their effort to defeat Marjack's army. Pissran, being a complete bitch, hissed her refusal at the Great Goblyn and started to fly away. Enraged, Sifu grabbed the giant cat and headbutted her in retaliation. The attack was fierce enough to draw blood, and as the blood of Pissran mixed with Sifu's own, she gained both the knowledge of the innate majik that lay deep within her soul, and the will to harness it. Sifu took that knowledge and trained many other Goblyns, those whose souls also contained an innate affinity for majikz, in the art of war. These were known as the first Witchdoktors. These majik-wielders were fierce in battle, slaughtering dozens in their wake. The enemy could not compete. After Baulk's Betrayal, however, the tide of battle turned against the Goblyns, and fear slowly crept through the greenskin ranks, including the Witchdoktors. Younglings were born weak, and even those with majik found themselves unable to produce the power that previous generations had wielded with ease. A handful of desperate apprentices, not a True Goblyn among them, decided they should praise the Betrayer instead of the great Melashekhaad, hoping that Baulk would spare them from the oncoming slaughter. They tried to hide this from their mistress, but Sifu is not easily fooled. The Great Goblyn soon discovered their treachery, and so great was her rage that even the mighty Skribbit took a step back. She cursed them with a majikal fire, smoldering silently under their skin. The pain was agonizing, and they pleaded for their lives. It was not until they were moments from death that Sifu decided a cursed life was more punishment than a chance at rebirth.

She bound the curse into a mark, the Eye of Melashekhaad. Each apprentice bore the mark, and any litters born to them would also bear it. They were to make sacrifices of blood and fire and majik to Melashekhaad as punishment for their betrayal. If they did not, the Eye would glow hot and unleash the flame under their skin, tormenting them until the Betrayer was destroyed. The marked apprentices left the War behind and formed their own tribe, later known as the Cinderflesh. Every few months, the Eye would gradually begin to glow, and a Goblyn born with majik was chosen to die so the curse would be appeased. At first, it was easy to appease the curse, as all of them had majik in their souls. But as the old died off, new litters were born, and the Betrayal took its toll. Many younglings did not survive long enough to show signs of majik, and an empty death meant nothing to Sifu. It was not until several generations passed that they discovered the curse was bound not only to their skin, but to their souls as well. While this meant that there was always the chance of one of the original apprentices being reborn into the tribe, it was still impossible to know when and who until the youngling matured. Unwilling to play the odds, the tribe then turned to kidnapping females and apprentices from neighboring tribes, as either broodmares or replacement sacrifices. This led to mistrust and rumors among the rest of Goblynkind. As the Ages passed, the tribe became more reclusive and paranoid. They had forgotten why this curse was placed upon them, only that it had always been there, and that they would suffer if they did not please Melashekhaad. By the Age of Unification, the Cinderflesh hated and mistrusted majikz altogether, and would sacrifice any who showed but a hint of majikal skill, no matter how minor it was.

Current Day

It is uncertain if the Cinderflesh still exist as a tribe today. Tales of the tribe were only rumor until a greenskin marked by Melashekhaad appeared to the Goblyn General Izareth and his Horde some years past. She claimed to have survived their fiery sacrifice, and spoke of visions of her past lives. This piqued the General's interest, and so she was welcomed into the fold. Whether Sifu's curse is still active after so many ages is unclear, but the Betrayer still sits at the mouth of the River of Souls, and the goddess' hatred of him has never faltered.

Known Members

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