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Demons are immortal beings from the dread Realm of Chaos, from which the Dark Gods wage war against each other, pitting legions of unruly forms against one another in a game of perpetual conflict. Flitting through the queer battlefield, composed of colours only the mad can envision, the Demon host carved from the raw stuff of Chaos by the immense will of the Ruinous Powers.

Though they are birthed of Chaos, there seems a strange order to the Demon spawn of the Dark Gods. Scholars have identified types of Daemon, ranked by relative levels of power, and countless in number. Each seems unique in their awfulness, but they are also alike. There are distinct forms that arise to curse the World time and again, each foul type fulfilling a particular role in some unknowable master plan. There is no understanding the reasons for these Demon breeds; there is simply the inscrutable way of Chaos.

There are three loose groups of Demons: Beast, Lesser, and Greater, though even these classifications do not encompass Exalted Demons, Demon Princes, or the myriad of the least of all fiends that lurk in the spaces between the realms of Ruinous Powers.


Chaos Demons in Belegarth

Chaos Demons in belegarth do not currently have a clear definition, although wearing of the mark of their patron god, and painting in the primary color of their god is common, although not required.

Khornate Demons

Slaaneshi Demons

Sir Vak Hellhammer

Nurgling Demons

Tzeentchian Demons


Demons Of Chaos

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