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== Cathaldus ==
Cathaldus at a Wolfpack Practice in People's Park

Mundane Name: Brian Hadsell

Born: February 13, 1989

Started Fighting: 2007

Realm: Wolfpack of the High Plains

School Residence: Normal, Illinois

Permanent Residence: Homer Glen, Illinois

Primary Fighting Style: Sword 'n' Board


Brian Hadsell was born on February 13, 1989 and was raised in the village of Homer Glen, Illinois. He attended Lockport Township High School, which he graduated in 2007. He currently attends Illinois State University as a Senior English Education Major and Writing Minor. He is a member of the university's Honors Program and is a third semester RA for the seventh floor of Wright Hall.

Events Attended

Oktoberfest: 2007, 2008

Spring Wars: 2008, 2009

Wolfpack Opener: 2008, 2009

Contact Information

E-Mail 1:

E-Mail 2:

Windows Live Messenger Screen Name:

AIM Screen Name: bjhadse

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