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Clans are international affiliations within Belegarth and other battle games that aid in community unity and add another level of non-local organization to which a realm or members of a realms can belong. Clans can administer honors according to their members weapon and style prowess. They serve ultimately to increase the martial accuracy and athletic integrity of battle games, making them more universally recognized and supportable. Clans are about belonging to a greater group so that, even if your realm or friends aren't attending an event, you are not missing out on the opportunity to increase your battle prowess and national standing. They do not use any form of point system for advancement, rather a display of skill level with a particular weapon type which earns a practitioner a sash, badge, patch, or other ensign according to their clans policies. For more information on Clans, contact Sven Skallekross, founder of clan Carach Angren.

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