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Chainmail Tutorials Contest

Whip out your camera, make some chainmail and write a tutorial. After winter break 2007 Winfang will be judging your entries.


Simply create a chainmail tutorial in the following format "Madog's chainmail tutorial" Your first name followed by "'s chainmail tutorial". If your doing multiple tutorials you may name them like this "Madog's 4 in 1 chainmail tutorial" or "Madog's persian weave chainmail tutorial". And then add it to this category to be part of the contest.


The official end of the contest date will be sometime in January 07 exact date TBD.


We are still trying to decide what it should be. Edhellen Short broad, Sysop powers on the wiki? We are still up in the air on this one. Definatly a link to your wiki article and 'poeople' page from the front page.

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