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Also known as the Southern Illinois University Medieval Combat Club (SIUMC)


Carthage Realm Emblem
Carthage | SIU Medieval Combat Club
  • Status: Active
  • Location: Carbondale, IL
  • Founded: 2013



  • Place: NE of Morris Library on SIUC campus and with Bree (Dagorhir) on Sundays at Evergreen Park
  • Time and Day: Tuesdays, and Fridays from 5-7pm @the field NE of Morris Library; In the Rec Center from November-March; Hiatus over summer while students are gone;
  • Requirements: Open to all persons 16 and older



  • April 6th, 2013: Founded by Thurat and Ruby of Knightfall, and Checkers and Crowe of Byzantium as an RSO at Southern Illinois University - Carbondale.
  • August 2013: Recognized as an Official SIUC sports club
  • May 2014: Thurat leaves SIUC and steps down as president, and assumes an advisory position; Crowe of Byzantium assumes presidency for the summer period.
  • August 2014: New SIU students are elected as officers. Thurat returns in advisory position.
  • Spring 2016: Students retain officer positions and have storage space with the school for group gear.
  • Spring 2017: Competed in the first belegarth collegiate tournament at Spring Wars, got 3rd place overall. Also produced club shirts for members.
  • Spring 2019: Took 3rd place overall at collegiate tournament. Successfully ran third Punic Wars day event.
  • Fall 2019: Took 1st place in collegiate sword and board and 3-man; 2nd place overall. Thurat and Fumbles placed first in Okfest 2-man tourney and won some dope af PD punch shields.

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