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Fighter Information

Name: Carden Coburn
Actual Name: Cody
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Realm: Interim Baron of Blackfen
Unit: First Sergeant of the North Star Order
Primary Fighting Style: Polearms
House: House Coburn
Fighting Since: 2014


Artificer Guild - Member, No Master

Chronicler Guild - Member, No Master

Seneschal Guild - Apprentice, Master Squire Antoinette


Carden Coburn began his life as the ambitious son of a peasant dock worker on the banks of the River Allegane. Long days he worked in the marshes, hunting fish and frogs. He was miserable. Long evenings of staring down the river instilled in him the call of the horizon; a fiery pit in his gut that left his nights tumultuous at best. Some years into his adolescence, a parade of the Royal Lancers came through his tiny town and the boy Carden was awestruck. Immediately and meticulously he began the long process of charting a path of escape from his mundane life using the Lancers as a target. After training tirelessly for years until his coming of age, Carden took a place with the Royal Lancers and was carted west into a far-flung kingdom to support the kingdom's war efforts. Carden fought valiantly and poured his heart and soul into his studies with the Lancers. He studied the ways of war, of leadership and learned the true meaning of camaraderie. After a glorious campaign, with medals and a world of experience bestowed on him, Carden returned to his home and realized that his hamlet had been abandoned by the outside world.

Carden brought his connections in the Lancers to use when he approached the greater kingdom that had left his home in neutral territory. He bargained with the sovereign and struck a deal, with the assistance of the Commander of the Royal Lancers, to take a position of leadership over the lands of his forefathers. He was granted a barony, which he named Blackfen, for the black clay of the wetlands he hailed from. As an additional condition of the deal, Carden was bestowed the honor of founding an order of Knights to operate out of Blackfen, which he named the North Star Order. The Order was meant to serve as a guiding light among the seemingly hopeless span of swamp and mud. While his Barony and Order are young, Carden finds himself burning with a fire brighter than ever before. Instead of glory at war or grand expansion, his only desire is to make his ancestors proud. Once Carden has obtained an ordination of knighthood from the kingdom, he will begin the training of new knights.

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